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Green Skills for Jobs and Entrepreneurship

Building a just and inclusive transition to a greener economy


How can I support the Programme?

Our community, industry and entrepreneurial partnerships are central to the activity that is delivered on the Green Skills for Jobs and Entrepreneurship programme. The programme aims to foster equitable and mutually beneficial partnerships within the community and industry,  which are built on trust and a reciprocal knowledge economy.

We believe that this programme is a unique experience for our learners, but also an opportunity to talk more widely about the Green Sector, skills gaps and the need for an inclusive and diverse environmental sector.  

There are many ways Organisations, Entrepreneurs and Community Representatives can support:

Recruit an Intern


Help transform the sector by recruiting ethnically diverse talent to your organisation. This opportunity is fully funded by the programme. Join us in supporting an inclusive transition to a green economy. 

Programme Delivery

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If you are interested in delivering on our programme through the facilitation of a skills workshop or sharing industry insights, we would love to hear from you.  

Corporate Sponsorship


Supporting global climate targets is a monumental task and requires a whole economy effort to make it happen. We invite you to join us.


Of businesses surveyed felt inspired to improve equity, diversity and inclusion policies after taking part in the programme

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Green Skills for Jobs and Entrepreneurship seeks to champion inclusive economic dynamism across all aspects of programme planning and operational delivery.

We aim to prioritise racial diversity and representation across the region’s sustainability sector, recognising that the environment, sustainability and conservation sector is the second least diverse sector in the UK. The programme seeks to support a just and inclusive transition to a Green Economy.   

In line with university values and the Public Sector Equality Duty (2011), the programme seeks to partner with organisations who can demonstrate a clear commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion across their organisations, through robust policies, meaningful action and continuous reflection and improvement.  

I love that on Green Skills we’re talking not only about business, but about sustainability as a whole, how we can live in a sustainable manner. If I can inspire and encourage Black and minoritised young people to think about the opportunities around green tech and where that can take them, that's not only something that benefits them individually, it ultimately benefits the whole community.

Julian Mensah, Founder of Voltric

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