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Green Skills for Jobs and Entrepreneurship 

Empowering young people to seize opportunities in the sustainability, environmental and conservation sector. 


Green Skills for Jobs and Entrepreneurship

Green Skills for Jobs and Entrepreneurship is an award winning, transformational programme delivered by the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) designed to support young people from Black, Asian and racially minoritised backgrounds into the emerging Green Sector. 

The key objectives of the Green Skills programme are:

  • To support a just and inclusive transition to a green economy;

  • To close the skills gap between job opportunities and young people; and

  • To tackle the underrepresentation of people from minoritised backgrounds in environmental careers, recognising that the sector is the second least diverse in the UK.

Young people can access an inclusive and equitable Green Skills curriculum delivered over 8 days of Real Living Wage (£10.90 per hour) paid training, personalised 1:1 coaching and mentoring provision with follow-up support into industry, research and business incubation support.

How can I get involved?


I am interested in applying 

Learn more about the Green Skills Programme and how to apply.


I am a Business or Community Representative 

Find out how you can support the programme.


I am a former Green Skills Learner 

Stay up to date with new developments and opportunities. 

[I most enjoyed] the ability to critically engage, and in so doing deepen my understanding of what a green future might look like. Being able to do that in a supportive environment with people of similar backgrounds was a very affirming experience.  

Green Skills Learner

Featured as a case study for a voluntary review of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

Spotlighted by the National Race Quality Think Tank, the Runnymede Trust as part of the Race Matters Blog Series

Read our Impact Report and learn about our efforts to support a just and inclusive transition to a green economy

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