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Nature Positive

Industry Internship

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About the Internship

We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic individual to join the team working on nature and sustainability projects to our client base. An intern is responsible for supporting more senior members of staff in the delivery of projects, from commencement to completion and close-out. You will be expected to carry out all your work with an appropriate level of care and attention, compliant with RSK procedures and completed following the instructions given by the senior member of staff.

Number of roles: 


Deadline for application:

30th June 2023.

Main purpose of role

Nature Positive is a management consultancy filled with a unique combination of environmental, carbon, sustainability and business specialists. The intern will play an important role in contributing to nature and sustainability services our team provides to businesses.

What would you be doing?

We will define and agree a key biodiversity or sustainability project for the intern to work on based on their skill set and our work available.

- The intern will be assisting with the delivery of research reports, to include document reviews, statistical analysis, and reporting. Providing a technical contribution in key areas of the service offering which may be related to biodiversity desk-based assessments, survey work, design of conservation interventions, stakeholder mapping, research, or other areas which are developed by the company

- Responsibilities will include: managing workload, giving priority to the tasks that need to be completed first and displaying a commitment to the work that is produced.

- Collating and reviewing material for desk-studies or research

- Attending meetings with colleagues and positively contributing to the discussions; including client meetings where appropriate

- Collaborating with Nature Positive colleagues and other RSK Business Units for the benefit of the company

Knowledge, Skills, Competencies and Experience

Desirable qualifications

  • Typically, you will be undertaking a first degree in a relevant discipline.

Essential knowledge, skills and experience

  • Use of Microsoft Office suite of software.

  • A good standard of written English.

Desirable knowledge, skills and experience

  • Being enthusiastic and having some background knowledge about sustainability, climate change, or nature is not essential, but would help.

  • Experience of environmental work through placements or internships, or through volunteering, is advantageous.

Essential key competencies

  • Good time management.

  • Good written and verbal communication.

Desirable key competencies

  • Communicate well with peers relating to project work, whilst understanding your limits and knowing when to ask for help.

  • Listen effectively to colleagues and team members, ensuring instructions are understood and carried out correctly.

  • Problem solving abilities.

  • The ability to take in large amounts of complex information and help make sense of it.

Recruitment process

1. Please submit a CV to

2. A 30 minute interview will follow.

3. The Nature Positive line manager will discuss and identify the candidate with the best fit to the wider team.

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